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9 Waterloo companies bringing robots to the world

Robots are changing the world around us. Here are nine Waterloo companies enabling the future of robotics with their unique technologies.

With innovative technologies and automation tools, the robotics industry is creating more productive, sustainable and efficient workplaces around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated momentum in the robotics sector, with the rise of remote work and the heightened emphasis placed on health and safety.

As the largest robotics and automation cluster in Canada, Waterloo is home to several home-grown robotics companies disrupting – and inventing – the future, alongside other major robotics multinationals. Their technologies, deployed around the world, are used in government, defense, security, commercial markets and other industries.

Here are 9 Waterloo companies that are enabling the future of robotics:

OTTO Motors

Over the course of the pandemic, OTTO Motors established itself as a leader in the evolution of manufacturing. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and the increased focus on health and safety, the company saw an increased demand for their autonomous mobile robots (AMR) across the manufacturing sector. OTTO Motors’ mobile robots create safer and more efficient workplaces while bolstering resilience in supply chains.

Avidbots Corp

Avidbots designs, manufactures, sells and supports autonomous connected robots. Their ground-breaking product – NeoTM – is the first fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot for large commercial environments. It is widely deployed around the world in airports, warehouses, malls and universities – including Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and Toronto’s Eaton Centre mall.

Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker, founded in 2010, is changing the future of underwater missions. Their underwater remotely operated vehicles and robots provide solutions to harsh environmental situations around the world. In a world where underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) are routinely $40,000-$50,000, Deep Trekker has developed a high-quality commercial-grade product available for under $10,000.

Avidrone Aerospace

Avidrone Aerospace brings together high-tech automation innovators to manufacture and produce custom Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies, such as industrial drones. Avidrone’s technology has revolutionized automated aircraft logistics, aerial surveillance, flight control systems and more.

Systematix Inc.

One of North America’s premier factory automation and robot integrators, Systematix Inc. operates in the health science, transportation and niche product sectors across the continent. Although Systematix got its start over 30 years ago as a provider of automated equipment to window and commercial furniture manufacturers, they now provide custom automated manufacturing solutions to address challenges in assembly, test, machine vision processes and more.

Eagle Vision Systems

Eagle Vision Systems is contributing to the future of automated curbside collection. Their AI-based technology identifies and locates curbside waste and fully automates the operation of the truck’s robotic arm.

Robotics: The Waterloo Advantage

RidgeTech Automation Inc.

An automation innovator, RidgeTech specializes in control system integration – aka the “nerve centre of a much larger entity.” Their services, such as robotic automation, industrial programming and electric designs, keep workplaces running safely and efficiently by improving manufacturing quality and machine reliability.


Headquartered in Waterloo, OCTOPUZ creates offline robot programming, simulation software and implementation services, which is the process of calibrating real systems with those in the virtual world. OCTOPUZ describes Waterloo as a “hotbed for bolstered research, technical development and entrepreneurial growth,” and credits the community as a key player in their innovation of robotics and automation practices.


A specialized robotics centre, STEMOTICS provides children and youngsters with the right skills to expedite their learning in STEM-related fields. Their robotics and coding programs are educating the next generation of smart robotics innovators and disrupters.

As the popular saying goes, iron sharpens iron. Our thriving smart robotics ecosystem is collaborative and innovative. Whether you are a robotics company looking to locate, relocate or expand, or a local manufacturing business hoping to integrate robotics into your operation, we are here to help.

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