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How to apply artificial intelligence to manufacturing

Manufacturing is changing.

More than ever before, the industry is embracing new technologies that result in better products and more efficient processes. While robotics and automation are becoming more common on factory floors, artificial intelligence and machine learning are only now being applied to problems in manufacturing. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning into our manufacturing processes has incredible potential – from building better products with higher quality standards to keeping machinery running at full capacity.

What kinds of specific problems can artificial intelligence solve in manufacturing? How can a manufacturer incorporate these solutions? What’s the first step? Who can help your company explore potential applications?

We asked Greta Cutulenco, CEO of Acerta Analytics, and Sheldon Fernandez, CEO of DarwinAI, to weigh in during a webinar in November. Each company offers products and services that simplify the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to problems in manufacturing. They’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies, including Audi and Lockheed Martin.

Watch the full webinar now:


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Contact Acerta Analytics and DarwinAI for a full explanation of their products and services.