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Come to Canada: International Expansion Services

Waterloo EDC offers a complimentary suite of international business expansion services customized to help your company expand to Canada.

International business expansion is what we do.

Since 2016, Waterloo EDC has helped companies invest more than $1 billion in our community, including helping foreign-owned businesses with local facilities expand and helping new entrants to the community make a soft landing.

There’s a lot to love about expanding your company into Canada and, even though expansion comes with its share of hurdles, we’re here to help at every step of the process.

What’s included in Waterloo EDC’s complimentary – yes, that’s right, it’s free – one-stop concierge service for companies interested in joining our community?

Our new FDI Services Booklet (PDF) is your guide to what we do. Want a summary? We’ve got you covered:

Collect Data – Make a Plan

It all starts with information.

To make an expansion decision – heck, to build a plan – you need to know as much as you can about the community you might land in. How does the talent compare to similar ecosystems? How much does land or office space cost? How do wages compare with other locations? How strong is the tech ecosystem? How strong is the manufacturing ecosystem?

We write posts on our blog about data all the time. You can find comparisons with top American cities, European cities and summaries of major third-party analyses like CBRE’s annual “Scoring Tech Talent” report. That’s a starting point.

But, if you’re serious about expanding, we can find data that answers your exact questions, fills your exact data gaps and then help you build a plan. We can even help develop the pitch you might have to make to head office.

Visit Waterloo

We like to think of Waterloo as so special that you need to see it to believe it.

That means giving us a visit. Sure, you could check out our 360° videos about tech, R&D labs or the outdoor environment, but it just doesn’t do our community justice.

If you plan on visiting, we’ll set up meetings with like-minded companies, line up commercial or industrial real estate tours, make connections with research and support organizations and organize sessions with professional service providers like recruiters, lawyers and more.

If you come here, you’ll leave knowing that Waterloo is the perfect place to grow your business.

Find Experts

Oh, you’ve decided to invest here? Perfect!

You’ll need help from experts – lawyers, real estate agents, recruiters and more – and we’ll help connect you with them. Is speed dial still a thing? If so, we have them on speed dial. After all, you can’t open a Waterloo office without establishing a Canadian legal identity, opening Canadian bank accounts, building a local team and leasing some space.

Navigate Government

Welcome to Canada – our governments are here to help.

They have incredible grant programs, incentives and tax credits to make your business more profitable. They have world-leading immigration programs to help you tap into the best of global talent. It just… isn’t always easy to find what you need.

We can help – we’ll work with your team to simplify the process, advocate for your company and more.

Get Connected

Have you ever shown up at a party where you didn’t know anyone? Awkward, right?

That can happen with international business expansion, too. Your success in a new community depends on how quickly you and your team can integrate into your new home.

The Waterloo EDC team knows this – that’s why we’re ready to introduce your site lead to local business leaders, introduce your HR folks to the local universities, ask the mayor to help with your grand opening and connect the employees you move here with cultural groups and social circles.

In Waterloo, you’ll always know someone at the party – us.

Interested in international expansion services?

Get in touch with our team to learn more.