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Mobility Heavyweight Bosch Expands Footprint in Waterloo

Another expansion, another ribbon-cutting ceremony. Discover why Bosch chose Waterloo for their expansion and learn about the exciting projects the team has underway.

Known for its vibrant tech ecosystem and world-class post-secondary institutions, Waterloo has increasingly become a magnet for global companies seeking talent and innovation.

A prime example is Bosch, a leading global supplier of mobility technology and services. Since establishing ETAS (formerly ESCRYPT) in the region in 2016, Bosch has steadily expanded its footprint in the region, making Waterloo an integral part of its global strategy.

Last week, the company commemorated its latest expansion by hosting a grand opening event at its new office in Waterloo. With special guests in attendance, the opening marked an important milestone for Bosch and the region at large, a growing partnership with “inventing the future” written all over it.

Let’s explore Bosch’s expansion journey in Waterloo.

A deepening partnership

Bosch first set foot in Waterloo in 2016 with the establishment of ETAS, a subsidiary focused on mobility technology. The success of this initial investment prompted the company to broaden its reach in 2021 when it hired local PhD students to focus on corporate research topics relevant to its North American market.

Seeing firsthand the abundance of talent and innovation in the region, Bosch decided to expand its scope even further by recruiting a team of engineers and software developers to support the company’s automotive divisions.

The Waterloo team develops cutting-edge software in the domains of AI, autonomous driving, automated parking and steering technologies. The team’s work is directly aligned with the company’s strategic objective of facilitating ‘connected living’ through artificial intelligence-created solutions.

This development represents a significant milestone for Bosch, demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to innovation and the communities where it operates.

The grand opening

The company’s official office opening took place in Waterloo last week. Hosted by Rafael Antiquera, Director of Growth and Innovation at Bosch Canada, the event kicked off with a roundtable discussion featuring Bosch North America executives.

The discussion was followed by a formal inauguration attended by special guests, including the Honourable Victor Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade; Bardish Chagger, Waterloo MP; Dorothy McCabe, Mayor of Waterloo; Karen Redman, Regional Chair; and Tony LaMantia, President & CEO of Waterloo EDC.

Speeches throughout the event emphasized the synergy between Bosch and Waterloo – particularly in the realms of AI and automotive. In fact, Bosch’s decision to open a local office was lauded as an indicator of Waterloo’s significance in the global technology landscape.

“This achievement marks the realization of a dream and vision that has been in the works for quite some time,” Antiquera shared in a post-event update. “I’ve always held the belief that Canada holds immense potential to advance Bosch’s innovation goals, and I’m excited to see progress towards reshaping Bosch Canada’s presence in the region. I am confident that this is just the beginning…”

Rafael Antiquera Speaks at Opening Event

Local leader Rafael Antiquera addresses guests at the office opening ceremony in Waterloo.

Commitment to community

Bosch’s presence in Waterloo extends beyond business and technology. The company has actively volunteered with local charities like Food4Kids and has supported initiatives such as Women in STEM. It has also been a patron of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, contributing to the community’s intellectual landscape.

This all-round engagement makes Bosch not just a local business, but a community partner in the truest sense.

About Bosch

Founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886, the Bosch Group has come a long way from its beginnings as a “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.” Today, the company employs 420,000 people worldwide.

A premier Internet of Things (IoT) provider, Bosch offers products and services for smart homes, Industry 4.0 and connected mobility. It brings expertise in sensor technology and its own IoT cloud to offer comprehensive solutions to its global customer base.

Bosch established a presence in Canada over 100 years ago, in 1911, in the very early days of the automotive industry. It opened a corporate office in Montreal in 1954, and has expanded across the country since then, with 10 locations in Canada, including the new office in Waterloo.

A win-win situation

Bosch’s Waterloo office opening begins a new chapter for the company and is a testament to what a harmonious relationship between a business and its host community can achieve.

As Bosch continues its journey in Waterloo, its story serves as both an example and an invitation to other companies thinking about their next expansion location. With a rich talent pool from universities like the University of Waterloo and extensive research capabilities in AI, quantum and beyond, Waterloo offers fertile ground for innovation and growth.

If you’re seeking a location where community matters and the future is invented together, then Waterloo should be at the top of your list.

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