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Cost Advantages

Don’t let cost be your limiting factor



Get a longer runway in Waterloo

The longer the runway the better chance you can take off. CBRE’s annual Scoring Tech Talent report provides comparative one-year company costs for a 500 employee, 75,000 sq. ft. office and Waterloo is exceptionally competitive.

Here’s a snapshot of annual costs in markets across North America:

  • Waterloo – $35,988,352
  • San Francisco – $69,219,022 (+92.3%)
  • New York City – $60,551,944 (+68.3%)
  • Boston – $54,235,473 (+50.7%)
  • Austin – $48,028,072 (+33.5%)
  • Pittsburgh – $42,464,357 (+18%)

Canada’s incredible R&D tax credits can give your company an innovation advantage

Canada’s SR&ED Tax Incentive

" My investors can’t believe that we can have such a nice space at such a reasonable cost. "

Joseph Emerson

Founder & CEO, Quantum Benchmark