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Protecting people, data and infrastructure
Cyberattacks are some of the most critical threats to businesses and governments today. From the core Elliptic Curve Cryptography used in your smartphone to tomorrow’s quantum cryptography, Waterloo’s cybersecurity sector continues to develop the tools needed to detect and respond to threats today and tomorrow. Secure your company’s future - come to Waterloo.

Waterloo at a Glance

Tech Density

The third largest technology cluster in North America

When you come to Waterloo you aren’t just joining Canada’s most dynamic tech hub - you’re also a part of North America’s third-largest technology cluster. There isn’t a single mid-sized city in America with Waterloo’s proximity to tech workers, new graduates, diversity and universities outside the Bay Area.

Here’s a snapshot of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor:

  • 15,000 tech companies
  • 5,200+ startups 
  • More than 315,000 tech workers 
  • 16 universities and colleges
  • 8.9 million people speaking 190 languages
  • $370+ billion economy

Our Support Ecosystem

Build partnerships in Waterloo’s dynamic tech and manufacturing ecosystems, where security is vital to all operations

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

CPI tackles cybersecurity and privacy challenges head-on by building on the University of Waterloo’s expertise in computer science, engineering, mathematics, cryptography and quantum computing.

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Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) is a world-leading quantum institute at the University of Waterloo dedicated to advancing the field of quantum information.

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CryptoWorks21 supports the next generation of researchers who are creating quantum-safe tools for the 21st century.

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They Choose Waterloo

From global leaders to the next big thing, these companies are building the future in Waterloo

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" Arctic Wolf’s first office was in Waterloo and it still serves as the cornerstone of both our R&D and security teams. Our success would not be possible without the world-class technical talent available to us here. "

Dan Deeth

Director, Corporate Communications, Arctic Wolf

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