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Three ways Waterloo can solve your tech talent problems

A new booklet highlighting the existing tech workforce and post-secondary institutions supplying tech talent in Waterloo, including cost comparisons.

Talent is a challenge in tech. Software developers, data scientists and product managers are always in short supply and high demand. This means these hires are also very expensive. It’s even worse if you’re in a big city or tech hub like Silicon Valley.

We have good news for you: Waterloo can help. You just need to locate here.

Want more info? We’ve written a short guide to Waterloo’s existing tech workforce, talent pipeline and cost advantages:

Want a quick summary?

Here’s how moving to Waterloo can help solve your tech talent problems and, in the process, help your business grow:

1. Existing workforce

In late 2018, CBRE scored the tech talent in 20 Canadian cities, including Waterloo, and reported that Waterloo had an “exceptional” combination of quality and cost savings. The tech talent booklet goes into more depth, providing information on retention rates, total talent pool and immigration programs.

2. Talent Pipeline

The University of Waterloo is a gem in the world of tech talent. Students from this school are the second-most-frequently hired in Silicon Valley, according to the Wall Street Journal. Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College also produce talent that tech companies crave, including Canada’s top tech business graduates. Find out more, including identifying relevant programs at each school, in the tech talent booklet.

3. Cost advantages

Waterloo has huge talent cost advantage over other tech hubs. For example, a software developer in our community is paid less than half as much than in Silicon Valley or Boston and approximately 10% less than in Toronto. Why? It’s all about cost-of-living.

For example, the average apartment in Waterloo costs 30% less than an equivalent apartment in Toronto, and as much as 200% less than an apartment in San Francisco. In Waterloo, you can pay above-market rates, giving your staff exceptional quality-of-life, while saving substantial sums of money over competing jurisdictions.

The tech talent booklet provides cost comparisons for seven high-demand/low-supply positions.

You don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what Google Canada’s head of engineering had to say: “The talent pipeline here is world-class quality with better costs, retention rates and collaborative culture than anywhere in North America.”

Are you exploring the possibility of locating, relocating or expanding you’re tech business?

We have a complimentary suite of services to help businesses grow in Waterloo.