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Waterloo EDC Just Got a Brand-New Look

Discover the new Waterloo EDC website, a visual, easy-to-use, and comprehensive website that highlights Waterloo's advantages for business expansion and how we can help.

First impressions matter. That’s especially true when serving our clients – companies like yours seeking opportunities to expand in Waterloo, Canada.

We want to provide an engaging and informative experience that can help you build a case for business expansion. It’s our job to make your expansion as easy as possible.

That’s exactly what we had in mind when we set out to create our new website at Waterloo EDC. The best possible experience for your company. After months of careful planning and development and dotting every last “i”, we’ve made it to launch day – relatively unscathed, but mostly just excited to share it with you. The brand-new Waterloo EDC website is HERE!

Are you ready for the big reveal?

First, we’ll share some background on the project and what you can expect to see on the new website.

We kicked off this project with a few goals in mind. We wanted to create a world-class website that not only looks visually appealing but also captures the spirit of Waterloo as a technology, manufacturing and automotive leader. We also wanted it to continue to be your trusted go-to resource for information about business expansion in Waterloo.

Our previous website was effective in showcasing the many benefits of Waterloo as a prime location for business growth and expansion. It allowed us to initiate meaningful conversations and provided valuable information and resources to support your decision-making process. However, we knew that we could take it to the next level by creating an even easier and more elevated experience for you.

Here’s an example of how our website has evolved:

Old Website - Waterloo Advantages

The old Waterloo EDC website


New Website - Waterloo Advantages

The new Waterloo EDC website offers an easy, elevated user experience

We’ve made significant technical, design and content improvements to the website to ensure that you have access to comprehensive information about Waterloo’s business advantages and how to begin your business expansion journey. We’ve optimized the user interface so it’s fast and easy. Easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy on the eyes.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s more visual. The site uses big, bold imagery and multimedia to capture a real-life feel for the Waterloo community, so you can start to picture your business in the community. Plus, simple menus, titles and text, with clear calls-to-action throughout the site, make for an easy viewing experience.
  • It’s easier to get in touch. Throughout the site, there’s always a quick way to contact our team, whether you’re interested in learning about Waterloo or any part of the business expansion process. No bots here – just real, awesome people standing by to answer any questions you have.
  • It dives deep on what we do. The industries we serve, the services we provide and all the reasons to invest in Waterloo – this information is clearly presented and accessible via an intuitive site structure and improved search capabilities so you’ll find what you need… and fast.
  • There are plenty of resources. Still in research mode? You’ll have your pick of a variety of informative materials to help you learn about Waterloo and start to build a business case, including guides, articles, ecosystem maps, data tools and more.
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Website Launch - Industries Screen

Waterloo EDC took inspiration from other Waterloo B2B tech companies

To bring the new website to life, we enlisted Akufen, a leading digital and branding agency based in Montreal, following a competitive RFP process, to partner with us on the project.

We knew the site would need to be a highly effective awareness tool and create ample opportunities for business leaders and site selectors to learn about Waterloo and connect with our team. It would have to look the part, too. So where did we look for inspiration? No further than our B2B counterparts in Waterloo.

“As a B2B organization that works with companies of all sizes and attracts hundreds of millions of dollars in investments each year, it’s important for us to have a website that rivals the best of the best websites in B2B tech,” said Lucinda Wallace, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development at Waterloo EDC. “We’re constantly in awe of our fellow Waterloo businesses, so we’re thrilled to have a website that allows us to showcase their accomplishments for the world to see.”

Go ahead, look around

If you’re still here, it’s time to go! Head over to the new Waterloo EDC home page and have a look around. Interact with the site features, download something that looks interesting from the Resource Library, share it with your team or get in touch with us to learn more.

We hope you like it!

What is Waterloo EDC?

If you’re not familiar with Waterloo EDC, we’re an economic development agency that offers one-stop, complimentary concierge services to help growing businesses get settled in the community. Speak with one of our market development managers to learn more.