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Four ways Waterloo can help your autotech business innovate

Waterloo has one of the world’s deepest automotive research and development ecosystems. Learn how being here can help drive your business forward.

If you’re in the automotive or autotech industries, innovation is the name of the game. Having the right ecosystem around you to fuel your research, talent and expansion needs can put you ahead.

Waterloo has one of the world’s deepest automotive research and development ecosystems. Our expertise runs from autonomous vehicles and intelligent systems to prototyping, software and automated manufacturing.

Here’s how Waterloo’s unique ecosystem supports AutoTech innovation: 

1. Tap into one of Canada’s top automotive research institutes

Why is Waterloo a premier location for supercharging your research efforts? We have incredible research expertise and helpful IP commercialization support.

The Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR) at the University of Waterloo is the largest university-based automotive research centre in Canada with over 125 faculty members involved in research and development. Expertise includes connected and autonomous vehicles, prototyping and software, and powertrain and emissions.

The University of Waterloo’s “creator-owned” IP policy means new technologies – including those developed through corporate partnerships – can be commercialized faster.

2. Recruit top tech talent

Do you struggle to find top talent? Waterloo has 73,000+ students studying at three internationally recognized post-secondary institutions.

The University of Waterloo is #1 in Canada for computer science #2 in Canada for engineering, and home to the world’s leading co-op program.

Wilfrid Laurier University is home to one of Canada’s leading business schools and the largest business co-op programs.

Conestoga College is a polytechnic institute with particular strength in engineering, advanced manufacturing and security.

Together, these schools provide a futureproof talent pool geared to helping automotive companies grow and innovate.

3. Don’t innovate alone – our community can help

Want help with creating an innovation mindset? Waterloo’s world-renowned innovation support network includes world-leading collaboration and innovation hubs (Communitech), university-linked accelerators (Accelerator Centre), incubators (Velocity), and the world’s largest Internet-of-Things (IoT) manufacturing space (Catalyst137).

Major companies, including Toyota, Ford and General Motors, have already created innovation labs in Waterloo. We can help you build your own research, development and innovation space.

4. A business community you can partner with

Want to collaborate with top players in the field? With over 70 automotive companies in working in nine different areas of automotive technology, Waterloo has a robust existing AutoTech business community.

This ecosystem includes automotive giants like Toyota and Ford, and scaling technology companies like Miovision and Acerta. We can help connect you with this ecosystem to leverage opportunities to collaborate, integrate you into the supply chain and more.

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Want to learn more about how Waterloo can help your automotive or autotech business grow and innovate? Contact our team today.