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Waterloo: Driving autotech innovation

Fueled by Canada’s most dynamic tech ecosystem, Waterloo is driving a smarter, safer and more connected automotive future.

Waterloo is home to a vibrant automotive technology cluster. Canada’s largest automotive manufacturer – Toyota – is located here, alongside world-class research centres for automotive and mobility innovation. Fueled by Canada’s most dynamic tech ecosystem, Waterloo is driving a smarter, safer and more connected automotive future.

Here is Waterloo’s autotech ecosystem in a nutshell:

What are our autotech ecosystem advantages?

More than 80 companies are working across the autotech spectrum in Waterloo. What makes Waterloo the ideal location to accelerate your autotech success?

  1. Waterloo is at the cutting edge of autotech. Our community is home to one of the world’s highest-quality automotive assembly facilities (Toyota) and Canada’s largest university-based automotive research centre (WatCAR).
  2. Autotech companies can fuel their talent pipeline with Waterloo’s world-class academic institutions. The University of Waterloo is the #1 Engineering school in Canada and ranked #23 in the world in Computer Science.
  3. Waterloo’s dynamic community is ideal for building partnerships. Our complete concept-to-commercialization autotech ecosystem promotes collaboration between autotech companies, university researchers, manufacturers/suppliers and additional local stakeholders.

What major autotech players are located here?

Waterloo is home to numerous global autotech leaders, such as:

  • ATS Automation
  • Ford
  • Eclipse Automation
  • Miovision
  • Toyota
  • Turntide Technologies
  • IBM

What organizations support the autotech industry?

Waterloo’s industry support organizations and research hubs accelerate autotech success, and include:

  1. Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research – WatCAR is the largest university-based research centre in Canada. The centre focuses on collaborative research in automotive and transportation systems while facilitating relations with those in the automotive industry and 125+ UWaterloo faculty researchers.
  2. Autonomous Vehicle and Intelligence Lab – AVRIL is a 10-bay R&D workspace involved in creating mobility solutions in automated driving, vehicle connectivity and advanced driver assistance systems.
  3. Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems – CIARS provides researchers with exploration and development opportunities in the field of electromagnetic communication and sensing science and engineering.
  4. Waterloo Intelligent Systems Engineering Lab – WISE Lab develops industrial research in safety and quality requirements, simulation and machine learning, with a focus on autonomous cars.
Explore autotech innovation in Waterloo

Learn more about Waterloo’s exceptional autotech ecosystem by downloading our Autotech Feature Sheet.