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University of Waterloo earns top-5 ranking for artificial intelligence

The University of Waterloo was recently named one of the top artificial intelligence universities in the Americas.

A new report from Current magazine ranks the University of Waterloo 4th in the Americas for innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.

Among the reasons for its selection, the University was lauded for the recent launch of the Waterloo AI Institute, which supports research and development in healthcare, urban planning, autonomous systems and human-machine interaction.

The Institute brings together nearly 100 faculty to tackle practical and fundamental problems brought to them by partners in business, government and the non-profit sector. For example, researchers recently applied AI to data generated from wearable technology in order to detect if a users health is failing.

" Industry collaboration has long been one of the major strengths of the University of Waterloo and we continue in that tradition through the institute’s many planned activities. "

Fakhri Karray

Co-director of the Waterloo AI Institute, University of Waterloo  

The University was also recognized for having one of the world’s top-30 Computer Science programs. In fact, the University is home to the world’s largest collection of math and computer science talent, was just named “Canada’s Most Innovative University” for the 27th consecutive year, and has close ties to the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto.

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