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Three ways Waterloo helps security companies unlock innovation

Why does Waterloo have 50+ security companies? Learn about Waterloo's security business ecosystem, research supports and talent pipeline.

As technology becomes more powerful, security becomes more central to businesses.

Whether it is cloud-based business applications, bank transfers or over-the-air updates to cars, our lives are becoming more and more hackable.

Thankfully, Waterloo’s business community is developing security solutions that make the world a safer, more secure place.

Our security ecosystem supports a fast growing community of 50+ security companies, boasts the world’s largest concentration of math and computer science talent, and is home to internationally renowned security experts.

A deep and fast-growing security business ecosystem

With more than 50 security companies operating in eight different areas of security technology, Waterloo is focused on advancements in embedded security, cyber security encryption and threat detection. These companies work together to produce solutions to the security demands of a rapidly changing world. This collaborative ecosystem includes industry giants like Google and BlackBerry, scaling companies like Magnet Forensics and Dejero, and a large community of security networks.

High quality, work-ready tech talent

The University of Waterloo (UWaterloo) has Canada’s #1 computer science program, #2 engineering program and the world’s largest concentration of math and computer science talent. UWaterloo currently offers 11 undergraduate and graduate courses in cybersecurity and privacy. The formation of the Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute plays a critical role in expanding the training of our cryptographic workforce and also offers a diploma program in cybersecurity and privacy.

Conestoga College, one of Canada’s fastest growing polytechnic institutes, offers programs in security, including cybersecurity, IT security, network security and more. These students have the in-class knowledge, industry expertise and hands-on experience that make them workforce ready.

How can your company benefit from this talent? Our three world-renowned post-secondary institutions offer co-op programs that give your company access to these work-ready students.

" The area of cybersecurity is faced with huge shortages of skilled people but we figured out a solution to that, which is cemented in the fabric of Waterloo. We hire a lot of threat analysts who come from the local colleges, as well as developers from the local universities. "

J. Paul Haynes


Research and commercialization support for security innovation

As pioneers in the field, innovators in our community invented elliptical curve cryptography and managed detection and response (MDR), a segment of cybersecurity. UWaterloo currently employs 88 faculty experts in cybersecurity, privacy, quantum-safe cryptosystems and cryptography.

The University of Waterloo has a density of research centres, including:

Home to a world-leading experimental and applied quantum institute, UWaterloo is a key source of talent for companies in the security industry looking to incorporate next-generation technology. In fact, Waterloo is the only community in the world with leading centres of quantum theory, experimentation, and commercialization in such close proximity, including Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Quantum Computing and Quantum Valley Investments.

These research assets and institutions make Waterloo the ideal place for security companies looking to revolutionize the industry.

Want to learn more about how Waterloo can help your security business grow and innovate?

Our team can provide in-depth information about the Waterloo AI business community, make connections with local business leaders and much more.