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Three infographics on Waterloo’s workforce, demographics and economy

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At Waterloo EDC, we’re always trying to create useful new resources for sharing the business investment potential of our community. To that end, we’ve created cluster maps, talent guides and step-by-step instructions for opening a remote office in Waterloo.

Now, we’re releasing three new infographics that highlight the talented workforce, diverse demographics and resilient economy that make Waterloo so special. Oh, and they’re free to download – just click on the images to open a PDF that you can save or print.

Resilient Economy

Waterloo has a vibrant and diverse economy – one of the qualities that makes it so resilient – featuring large manufacturing, insurance and technology sectors. Domestic and foreign companies have access to robust physical, financial and human capital.

Key highlight: 18 development projects worth approximately $1 billion are set to transform one of Waterloo’s urban cores (and another $2 billion in development is popping up along our new light rail transit system!).

Click here to download Waterloo's economy snapshot (PDF)Talented Workforce

Waterloo has a highly educated workforce with particular strengths in manufacturing and technology, employed by global companies like Google, Toyota and OpenText.

Key highlight: Waterloo experienced a 40% growth in tech-related employment between 2012 and 2017.

Click here to download Waterloo's economy snapshot (PDF)

Diverse Demographics

Waterloo is one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada. Our population is currently about 600,000 and is forecasted to grow by +25% over the next 15 years.

Key highlight: Canada’s immigration-friendly policies have helped drive Waterloo’s economy – 23% of our residents were born outside of Canada.

Click here to download Waterloo's economy snapshot (PDF)


Do you want more information about the Waterloo ecosystem? Our team is happy to help. Contact us.