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Need R&D help? Waterloo’s experts can work for you

A new booklet reviews Waterloo's existing research and development workforce, related post-secondary programs and incentives.

Innovation is more than just a buzzword for companies looking to prosper and grow.

If you aren’t moving forward you’re moving backward, and the best way of moving your business forward is striving to create and offer new products and services that keep you ahead of the pack.

Companies in tech, manufacturing and automotive industries all need research and development capacity in order to grow. That’s where Waterloo can help.

With three renowned post-secondary institutions, 150+ research centres and hundreds of experts in a diverse array of fields including automotive technology, smart manufacturing and technology management, Waterloo has the human resources necessary to help your business take its next step.

1. Waterloo has a world-class R&D workforce

Waterloo is home to three highly-respected post-secondary institutions, each with a robust collection of experienced researchers and research centres that are geared toward helping businesses innovate. Altogether, Waterloo has 150+ research centres in such diverse fields as automotive technology, smart manufacturing, supply chain management, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Experts from these centres are available to companies looking to innovate.

" Having local availability of top-notch R&D talent, expertise and resources will continue to play a key role in accelerating Shimco’s growth in the aerospace industry. "

President and CEO of Shimco

2. Waterloo has a future-proof R&D talent pipeline

Whether your company is looking to innovate in technology, business or manufacturing, Waterloo has leading post-secondary programs that can help. The University of Waterloo produces some of the world’s brightest engineering minds, as well as specialists in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and computer science. Wilfrid Laurier University excels at producing business innovators in data science and technology management, and Conestoga College trains the talent necessary to push the limits in manufacturing. Find out more, including identifying relevant programs at each school, in the research and development talent guide.

3. Cost advantages for R&D in Canada

Companies locating in Canada can qualify for up to 60% savings in R&D thanks to Canada and Ontario research and innovation-focused tax credits. Collaborating with a university is also more affordable in Waterloo, where the costs charged to companies for research support are far lower than in centres like New York, Boston or San Francisco.

We think Waterloo is a great place to locate your R&D assets, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what the President and CEO of Shimco, an innovator in the aerospace industry, had to say:

Are you exploring the possibility of locating, relocating or expanding your business?

We have a complimentary suite of services to help businesses grow in Waterloo, including connections to local R&D assets.