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Keep a Competitive Edge with Canada's Immigration Programs

Canadian immigration can help you stay one step ahead. Explore three business immigration programs that can help you accelerate your global talent strategy.

Today’s business market is a global playing field. Under the bright lights, the competition is fierce, fast and innovative. So, what competitive edge can you bring to the game?


People who are ready to make a big impact, with expertise in fields like science, technology and engineering. A company’s success in the ambitious global market hinges on its ability to identify, attract and retain top talent.

With the ongoing, worldwide talent shortage, it is more important than ever to leverage immigration as a new, powerful talent strategy.

Canada has become a top destination for businesses and talent alike. The Government of Canada reported that “immigration accounts for almost 100% of Canada’s labour force growth” and almost 75% of Canada’s economic population growth comes from immigration.

With Canada’s business immigration programs, you can accelerate your talent strategy and sharpen your competitive edge.

Here are three programs you should know about:

1. Global Talent Stream (GTS)

The GTS is Canada’s premier business immigration program providing a fast-tracked pathway for highly skilled professionals and senior leaders to work in Canada.

This program provides a viable alternative for US companies struggling with H-1B challenges. It offers a clear pathway to attract and retain employees in Canada without the uncertainty of a lottery system.

Richard Henkel, CEO of gaming company Odyssey Interactive, faced extensive delays under the H-1B visa program, ultimately ending in rejection. Turning to Canada for his gaming startup, Henkel found a vastly more welcoming and efficient solution.

Within just weeks of applying, Henkel and his team, including international co-founders, received their visas and work permits.

" The contrast was stark… Where the US system brought delays, Canada's efficient process had us up and running in record time. "

Richard Henkel

CEO of Odyssey Interactive

2. Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)

The ICT program facilitates a smooth transfer of international employees to Canadian offices. To be eligible, transferees must be either executives, senior managers or possess specialized knowledge.

In some instances, transferees may be exempt from Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirements, potentially accelerating the transfer process.

3. Startup Visa Program (SUV)

Tailored for entrepreneurs aiming to launch their businesses in Canada, the SUV provides a route to permanent residency for qualifying immigrant entrepreneurs.

Participants gain access to a network of private-sector investors, including angel investors, venture capital funds and business incubators, to help establish their startups in Canada.

Regardless of the path you choose, Waterloo EDC is here to help. We can provide guidance on selecting the best program for your needs, offer official referrals and can connect you with leading immigration experts to navigate eligibility requirements, paperwork and more.

“When we needed help accessing immigration programs, Waterloo EDC was there. They helped make connections, complete applications and made an official referral to a program that delivered work permits in no time at all.” – Joseph Emerson, CEO, Quantum Benchmark

Let’s hit the ground running.

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