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What are the 10 Biggest Manufacturing Companies in Waterloo?

Waterloo is the heart of Canada’s most productive manufacturing cluster. It is home to Toyota and these other 9 leading manufacturing companies.

Did you know that some of the world’s best-known manufacturers are located in Waterloo?

Waterloo attracts both multinational and Canadian companies from the technology, automotive, and advanced manufacturing industries due to nurturing a culture that values innovation and collaboration.

It also helps that Waterloo is the heart of Canada’s most productive manufacturing cluster, within close proximity of thousands of manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing workers.

Here are the top 10 manufacturing companies based on employment within the Waterloo community.

Our community is home to three cities and four townships. We have identified the community where you’ll find each of these companies in parentheses below. Together, we are known as Waterloo.

1. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC)

Waterloo is home to one of Toyota’s largest North American manufacturing plants (Cambridge), responsible for building models such as the luxurious Lexus NX and the best-selling RAV4, as well as hybrid versions of both.

In fact, our Toyota plant was the first facility outside Japan trusted to manufacture Lexus products. The automotive company has 8,500 team members in Cambridge – a community within Waterloo – and Woodstock.

The Cambridge plant has won a North America-leading 16 J.D. Power Awards. Last year, TMMC was the first facility outside of Japan to produce more than 90,000 vehicles per year.

2. ATS Corporation

ATS Corporation (Cambridge), designs and develops factory automation machinery and equipment for “many of the world’s most successful companies.” Klaus Woerner founded ATS Automation locally in 1978 and went on to build a global manufacturing empire.

The company, which continues to show strong commitment to innovation and their team members, has more than 50 manufacturing locations and 75 offices on three continents, but their headquarters is still in our community.

3. BWX Technologies (BWXT)

Fun fact: In 1867, founder, Stephen Wilcox, began to produce a water tube boiler that was later claimed by Thomas Edison to be the best boiler in the market. 100 years later, BWXT switched from manufacturing water tube boilers to becoming a key supplier in providing the US government with nuclear energy components and fuel.

Currently, BWXT (Cambridge) is the only privately-owned facility in the US producing TRISO fuel and has locations across the world, including its Canadian HQ in our community.

4. Dare Foods Limited

Bear Paws, Breton, Whippet, Wagon Wheels… hungry yet? These are just a few of the delicious cookies and snacks produced by the proudly Canadian-owned manufacturer Dare Foods Limited (Kitchener/Cambridge).

In 1889, Charles H. Doer, the founder of Dare foods, sold cookies and candies at his grocery store. His treats were so popular that he was able to expand across our community in 1919 before becoming a household name around the world. Since 2002 they have been the sole producer of Girl Guide cookies.

The company has operations in two of Waterloo’s communities, Kitchener and Cambridge.

5. Mitchell Plastics

Mitchell Plastics (Kitchener/Waterloo) is a privately owned Canadian manufacturer that distributes customizable plastic components and injection molds parts to various industries.

Mitchell Plastics is a division of Ultra Manufacturing and has four facilities within Waterloo – including the HQ in Kitchener – along with offices and plants located around the world. The company values innovation and seeks new opportunities “to understand their customers’ needs and expectations.”

6. HDT Automotive

HDT Automotive (Wilmot) produces automotive parts and equipment for vehicle manufacturers. Originally, HDT Automotive was known as Bend All Automotive, which was founded in 1976 in New Dundee, a small village within Waterloo. Their first product was a wire bending machine.

HDT Automotive is made up of six companies operating as one entity with a clear vision to create quality workmanship.

7. Krug Inc.

Have you ever sat in waiting room furniture that was so comfortable you wanted to take it home? It might have been made by Krug (Kitchener). Headquartered in our community, Krug is a Canadian-owned business that offers a wide range of furniture for offices and health services.

As leaders in healthcare furnishing, the company takes pride in their well-made designs and workmanship. Established in 1880, Krug is a well-recognized brand for quality and, in the past, has designed furniture for expensive Canadian hotels. They have even supplied furniture to the British Crown!

8. Canadian General-Tower Ltd.

Love history? Global leader, Canadian General-Tower (Cambridge) has a rich history in producing coated textile fabrics for various industries since the mid-1800s. CGT is a Canadian company with international locations across the world and a headquarters in our community.

Since 1869, CGT has evolved with the times, first producing wheel wagons for transportation, then rainwear for war efforts and now a variety of different polymer fabrics like pool linings.

9. Eclipse Automation

Recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Eclipse Automation (Cambridge) manufactures custom automation systems for multinational companies to improve their operations. Their success is due to inspired engineering that strives to leave a mark in this world. This became evident when the global pandemic brought a mask shortage to Waterloo.

In response, Eclipse quickly geared up to produce surgical masks and respiratory systems at their facility and donated 1.5 million masks to small businesses across Waterloo. Eclipse was acquired by Accenture in 2022.

10. Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne Dalsa (Waterloo) designs, engineers and produces digital imaging and sensor products for a variety of industries including the medical, science and transportation sectors. With over 30 years of experience, this manufacturing powerhouse has become a well-recognized name for their leading-edge innovation and R&D efforts.

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