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Need advanced manufacturing talent? Waterloo can help

A new booklet reviews Waterloo's existing advanced manufacturing workforce, related post-secondary programs and cost comparisons with other major centres.

Top advanced manufacturing talent – from engineers to machine operators – are getting harder to find.

As one manufacturing leader told us, there are many regions across Canada and the world where the labour market has completely dried out. Waterloo is bucking this trend.

“If you are looking for machine operators or skilled assembly workers, you can find them here,” said Lukas von Arx, President of LEONI Elocab Ltd.

Want a quick summary?

Here’s how locating in Waterloo can help solve your advanced manufacturing talent problems and, in the process, help your business grow:

1. Existing workforce

Waterloo is home to more than 1,950 manufacturing businesses – including Toyota, Christie Digital, LEONI Elocab and Clearpath Robotics – and the manufacturing industry accounts for nearly 18% of our labour force.

As manufacturing technology becomes more advanced, Waterloo’s renowned tech talent pool – CBRE rated it “exceptional” – and access to more than 200,000 tech workers in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor will become more important to companies interested in innovation.

2. Talent Pipeline

The University of Waterloo is one of North America’s top technical schools, and home to Canada’s largest Engineering school, #1 Computer Science program and largest university-based automotive research centre.

If you’re looking for engineering talent, it’s the best place in Canada to start. Conestoga College, one of Ontario’s top polytechnic institutes, also trains accredited engineers, as well as a wide variety of manufacturing oriented trades.

3. Cost advantages

For engineers, technicians and tradespeople alike, Waterloo is very competitive on salary costs in comparison to other major centres in Canada.

A hotbed of opportunity

Waterloo is well-positioned to help your advanced manufacturing company grow through talent access.

You don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what the Chief Operating Officer of Clearpath Robotics/OTTO Motors had to say:

“I have visited many communities worldwide and Waterloo Region is world-class when it comes to technical talent, innovation and drive for success. The region is a hotbed of opportunity for anyone who wants to work hard and make a big impact.”

Expanding your manufacturing business?

Contact us – we’re here to help! We have a complimentary suite of services to help businesses grow in Waterloo.