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10 Exciting Autotech Companies in Waterloo

Our unique autotech ecosystem is powered by years of research and high-quality expertise. These companies are driving autotech innovation in Waterloo.

Waterloo is home to a number of world-renowned companies and global leaders dominating in various industries.

With innovation booming in every corner, we wanted to showcase the diversity and talent in one particular sector: autotech.

Our unique autotech ecosystem is made up of 100+ vibrant companies, powered by years of research and high-quality expertise.

Here are some key players and industry leaders driving autotech innovation in Waterloo:


Acerta develops software solutions driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence. They translate complex product data into actionable insights to help manufacturers optimize production and enhance efficiency, giving them the information they need to make effective decisions and products.


A nanotechnology company, Alchemy develops innovative nanocoating solutions for the challenges faced by various industries. Specializing in a sustainable line of protective windshield films, their coatings repel water, dirt and ice while maintaining the high transparency, mechanical durability and weatherability specifications for advanced sensor systems used in harsh environments.

Darwin AI

Darwin AI is a visual quality inspection company that creates front line AI tech, to provide manufacturers with the solutions they need to improve their production quality and efficiency. Since opening in Waterloo, Darwin AI has launched their Explainable AI platform – led by Alexander Wong, Canada’s Research Chair in AI and Medical Imaging and a University of Waterloo alumnus, has been spotlighted as a top artificial intelligence company several times, and has successfully integrated their AI into numerous Fortune 500 companies.


Founded in 2014, eleven-x is a world-renowned company that simplifies Internet-of-Things (IoT) to improve operations and processes for organizations. With their extensive knowledge of IoT, they offer solutions for cities, campuses and enterprises that focus on solving specific areas of need through wireless technology. As a Waterloo-based company, it’s no surprise they’ve won a lot of awards, too – including the Best Innovation for Smart Cities Award and being named one of Canada’s Top Innovative Technology Companies.


ETAS, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, provides a comprehensive portfolio for the realization of software-defined vehicles, including automotive base software and middleware, development tools, cloud-based operations services, cybersecurity solutions and end-to-end engineering and consulting services. Their Waterloo office, the only one in Canada, is an ETAS engineering hub focused on innovations in cybersecurity, vehicle operating systems and integrated customer solutions.

Ford Infotainment

Ford, one of the world’s largest automotive companies, opened an innovation centre in Waterloo just over five years ago. The centre, created to concentrate on vehicle communications and infotainment infrastructure, reinforces Waterloo’s title as one of Canada’s top autotech ecosystems and carries on Ford’s dominating footprint as a leading auto and mobility company.


With cutting-edge AI fleet maintenance technology, Pitstop is delivering powerful predictive insights to improve efficiency and expenses. Removing friction between data and drivers, they make it easier for companies to be in control of maintenance schedules by anticipating critical vehicle issues. Through their automated maintenance software, this autotech company is paving the way for a smarter and greener future.

Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions is becoming the world’s leading provider of transportation engineering and planning software. They develop and support innovative and timesaving software to help professionals plan, design and operate safe transportation systems. Their multi-industry technology addresses various needs, such as designing new roads or highway corridors, creating intersections, or site plans.

Virtek Vision

Waterloo-based Virtek Vision supports manufacturers globally in a variety of specialized industries. As a market leader in laser projection and quality inspection solutions, they’ve been assisting with complex manufacturing processes around the world for over 30 years. They even created the first laser projection system capable of meeting precision requirements in complex manufacturing applications, revolutionizing the autotech industry.


VueReal provides custom display manufacturing services for niche and mainstream markets, including the fabrication and supply of MicroLED displays for AR, VR, automotive, aerospace, industrial and more. This technology innovator enables new, ground-breaking products, with revolutionary micro-solid printing technology that solves traditional limitations to cost and performance, opening infinite possibilities for manufacturer displays.

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