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Incentives and Resources

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Striving to be one of the world's most important locations for technological enhancement and development, Canada and Ontario offer one of the world's most competitive Research & Development (R&D) cost advantages:

  • The range of eligible expenses in Canada is more extensive than in the U.S., including 100% of R&D expenses, carry-forward amounts, bonusing for incremental R&D, and cash refunds, in some cases
  • Canada has a broader definition of what qualifies for R&D tax credits compared to the U.S.
  • There's flexibility in structuring investments, including long-term blended and capital blended arrangements

General Incentive Programs

Automotive Incentive Programs

Biotechnology, Health Science and Agri-food Incentives and Programs

New Media Incentives

Human Resources and Wage Incentives

Property Development Incentives and Programs

Rural Business Incentives and Programs

General and Small Business Support Programs

For more information on incentives offered and administered by the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial government, visit Invest In Ontario for comprehensive listings.